Storm Chaser Mike Olbinski - Interview

Wow! I don’t know about you, but 2019 has just *flown* by. I’m just a little shocked, but looking back at this past year, I’m also pretty happy about how some things worked out. I’m particularly proud of the interview series I launched over at my friend Dan’s site, Shutter Muse. That series kicked off with a conversation I had with one of my wildlife photography idols, Moose Peterson. You can check out the write-up of my chat with Moose here, and explore more of my interviews on the dedicated Shutter Muse Interview page.

Today, I wanted to share a recent conversation I had with storm-chaser, time-lapse photographer and severe weather film-maker, Mike Olbinski. Mike has managed to build a career out of his childhood passion for storms and active weather around Phoenix, Arizona. He’s had several of his videos go viral over the years - including this one of the massive dust storm or ‘haboob’ that hit Phoenix in 2011 - and has even won an Emmy for his storm-chasing efforts.

Check out my full chat with Mike above, and learn about why he’s willing to risk his life and cameras in pursuit of the best storm photography on the planet.

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