Book Your COVID19 Isolation Portrait

Staying Home to Help #FlattenTheCurve? Thank you!!

But it sure can be tough, right? This is a challenging time and many of the social connections that form the basis of our community right here in the Battlefords have been put on hold. I'm hoping to re-establish a sense of connection through this project, by capturing a unique 'socially distant' portrait of your or your family.

This means you'll get a professional photo taken through a window, on your front porch or looking out from behind your front door. A bit weird? You bet! But I can't think of a better way as a photographer to help tell the story of what we're all going through in this historic moment.

These aren't my usual portrait sessions, and these are exceptional times... so I'm only charging $25 and I will be directing 20% of all proceeds to support AMGITS - the Sask Hospital auxiliary that provides essential support to Saskatchewan Hostpital patients and helps raise awareness to reduce the stigma (that's AMGITS spelled backwards) of mental illness. If you can't afford $25 at this time, email me at or call (306)514-1131 rather than using the form below and I'll gladly waive my fee or allow you to donate whatever you'd like to support AMGITS.

To get a sense of the style of photos I'm aiming for, check out this story about how my photographer friend Pat Kane in Yellowknife came up with this idea. When this project is complete, I hope to be able to contribute these images and help tell the story of the Battlefords experience with COVID in a global context.

Even if we need to stay apart, we're in this TOGETHER!

Use the form below to secure your 20-minute session:

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