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Grasslands Bison

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Prior to European settlement, it's estimated that 30 million bison roamed the North American prairies. By 1880, there were less than 1,000 individuals left.

After 120 years of absence, plains bison were re-introduced to Grasslands National Park in 2005.

This iconic species captures the imagination with its imposing presence, and sparks visions of a truly wild, unsettled prairie. The solitary bison in this image speaks volumes about both what has been lost, and the importance of protecting what we have.

Add this prairie character to your walls, and you'll be helping to protect the wild places and species of Saskatchewan. Matt is proud to work in partnership with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and will be directing 15% of all proceeds from sales of this print to supporting vital conservation activities here on the prairies.

Thank you for your support!

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